The FLCDC’s mission and strategic objectives are specifically designed to have an immediate and direct impact regarding the current housing conditions in Broward County. To meet our objections, the FLCDC conducts numerous outreach initiatives directed towards its residents, as well as community members.

Among these outreach strategies includes the Resident Satisfaction Survey that is administered to all residents electronically and also door to door. The goals of this Survey is to understand the overall comprehensive thoughts of the FLCDC’s services, in addition to collecting key information from our residents about future endeavors, homeownership and economic conditions. The FLCDC conventionalizes the information and devices means how assist in those regards. Also, the survey is used to acquire feedback from our residents on what is done efficiently and the areas that can be improved and become better.
• The consensus from residents, substantiated an overall approval rating above 93%, stating they would recommend a FLCDC property to another person.